A Natural, Autumn Wedding in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness

Meghan + Joe

October 10 | Absorkee, Montana

The golden hour: the hour of magical light around sunset that makes photographers, everywhere, swoon. (Fine. You're right. The magic happens twice a day, not that this night owl sees many sunrises.) 

Once in awhile, Mother Nature kisses our globe with magic dust at unexpected times, and Meghan's and Joe's wedding day was such a time. Although they planned a ceremony for high noon with the reception and formals immediately following, the afternoon hours we spent together felt like a perma sunset.

Their journey to October 10, 2015, started out a bit bumpy, at least for Joe. After meeting him in 2013, Meghan decided she didn't like him because she thought "he was some slick guy trying to schmooze the ladies." It took Joe a year to snag the first date . . . which turned out to be a very painful not-date.

Under the guise of wanting to know more about running, Joe queried Meghan, an avid runner, via Facebook. As he sounded less "schmoozy" than he did in their previous encounter, Meghan invited him for a run, a seven mile run, the furthest Joe had ever ran in his life. To add insult to injury, Meghan made it clear that she had zero interest in a relationship.

Less than two years later, Joe's initial pain on his first run with Meghan paid off when they married on a perfect, fall day at his family's cabin on the Stillwater River.

If the morning of the wedding resembled a whirlwind of hairspray, laughter, and speeding tickets as I hurried (just a little too quickly) from the salon to the cabin, then the afternoon resembled a romantic picnic in the mountains as I witnessed two best friends say I Do.

Meghan and Joe, may the gorgeous light and palpable love that highlighted your wedding day last a lifetime. 

Montana Wedding Photography: Becky Brockie Photography

Gown Shop: David's Bridal, Billings, MT

Ceremony & Reception: Private Property, Absarokee, MT

Florist: Evergreen IGA

Cakes & Desserts: Evergreen IGA

Catering: Pickle Barrel

Hair & Makeup: Ulta, Billings, MT