A Montana, Country Engagement Costarring a Horse Named Fred

Danielle + Casey

August 9 | Billings, Montana

When Danielle and Casey requested an engagement session that included his horse, Fred, I didn't hesitate to jump on board with the plan. As a lover of all things Montana, I imagined a lovely session in the country where a beautiful couple rode off into the sunset. My imagination nailed most of the details. Gorgeous couple? Check. Lovely horse? Check. Glowing, warm light? Check.

However, since I've never worked with talent like Fred before, I'd only thought about the magic he'd bring to the images, not the dynamic he'd bring to the shoot. Working with Fred turned out to be similar to working with a newborn, a 900 pound newborn. Like babies, Fred found eating and pooping more interesting than looking at my camera. Trying to keep Fred's head out of the grass long enough to take a few images added an unexpected touch of humor to our golden morning together.

On Saturday, I have the honor of rejoining Danielle and Casey out in the country to photograph the celebration of their love. I can't wait for your wedding, Danielle and Casey!