A McHoopin Wedding Bash at Fort Missoula's Heritage Hall

Kimberly + Rob

September 3 | Missoula, Montana

First Comes Love ... 

Kimberly and Rob first met in 2004 where they both worked as managers at Best Buy. It took eight years before their relationship blossomed into something beyond friendship, and when it did, they immediatly knew it would be serious.

And, why not? Anyone who has spent even a few hours with these two can see they have a special connection. Whether it's Rob's penchant for sending Kimberly into infectious giggle fits or their mutual love of belting Phantom of the Opera tunes on road trips, these two know how to enjoy life and make a lovely match.

After dating for a year, Rob received a promotion, but it required him to leave Missoula. Having just finished college at the University of Montana, and not wanting a separation from Rob, Kimberly decided to join him in Washington.

Then Comes Marriage ...

By Christmas of 2015, Rob couldn't wait to pop the question. In fact, he couldn't even wait until Christmas DAY. Five minutes after returning from Christmas shopping, he gave Kimberly a bouquet of roses, pulled the ring he JUST purchased out of his pocket, and got down on one knee.

Kimberly and Rob's wedding day turned into every bit of the party they'd intended. Old friends from Montana and new friends from Washington gathered together in celebration of a wonderful couple.

Then Comes the Baby ...

Having announced some pretty incredible news to their friends over Christmas of 2015, it's hard to imagine a suitable follow up for Christmas of 2016, but their December 28 Facebook post showed they'd one-upped themselves.

rob kim announcement.png

Together, they created the most beautiful gift: a baby boy they'll meet in July of 2017.

Congratulations, Kimberly and Rob!

The Vendors

Montana Wedding Photography: Becky Brockie Photography

Ceremony & Reception: Heritage Hall, Missoula, MT

Florist: Bitterroot Floral

Makeup Artist: DIY