A Fall, Bozeman Engagement Under the Bridgers

Anna + Joel

October 8 | Bozeman, Montana

Last fall, Anna, Joel, and I sat down for an afternoon cocktail at my favorite watering hole before our engagement session together. (I'm a firm believer in cocktails before cameras. As much as I love the magic of taking pictures, I'm not fond of being photographed. It's intimate. And invasive. When possible, I prefer to say a proper hello before my lens invades your space. Plus, a little liquid courage never hurts.)

Montana graced us with perfect weather, gorgeous fall trees, and a little touch of purple mountain majesty to end our afternoon together. Combine beautiful backdrops with pretty people, and yep, my job suddenly became pretty darn easy.

On Saturday, I'll say hello to Anna and Joel again to photograph their wedding. If spending just a few, short hours with them felt incredible, I can't wait to see what a full day set aside to celebrate their love will bring.

Congratulations, Anna and Joel!

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