A St. Thomas Ceremony and Barn Reception at Swift River Ranch

Danielle + Casey

June 18 | Billings, Montana

After shooting Danielle and Casey's wedding, I felt a little guilty. First, I may have crept too closely to the altar during their ceremony at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church. (I tried hiding behind a floral arrangement . . . It didn't work.) But what really had me bothered about my shooting was that I gave four sentences worth of instructions during couple formals.

Having recapped the day, I've realized my short coming had much to do with Danielle and Casey's chemistry. The fact is, they didn't need instruction, just a pretty place to stand. Before I ever dialed in my camera settings, these two were interacting and flirting. To do anything more than click felt like interrupting.

I'm a newcomer to the connection between Danielle and Casey, a connection that began when they met at a roller skating rink in the sixth grade. Casey attempted to start the romance early on when he and Danielle became best friends while attending St. Francis Upper. He asked Danielle out by writing her two poems and burning her a cd. The gift's included note had one checkbox for yes, one for no. Danielle said maybe.

Although he'd been turned down, they continued their friendship throughout high school. In college, they stayed connected while Danielle attended MSU and Casey the University of Iowa. Despite their distance (or perhaps, because of it) Danielle realized she cared for Casey and felt her maybe turn to a yes. To her disappointment, he had a girlfriend.

She tried everything. Phone calls. Facebook messages. But only silence greeted her. 

Convinced that she'd missed her opportunity to be with Casey, Danielle gave up. But, these two were meant to be. Unable to resist the love of his life, he called her one morning at 4 am.

Fifteen years after he wrote her the first love note, Danielle and Casey said "I do." That's yes forever. 

Congratulations, Danielle and Casey. I feel so honored to witness the beautiful celebration of your love.

Montana Wedding Photography: Becky Brockie Photography

Ceremony: St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, Billings, MT

Reception: Swift River Ranch, Billings, MT

Videographer: PinUp Productions

Wedding Coordinator: Susan Cranston

Florist: IGA + DIY

Makeup Artist: Jenna English

Hair Artist: Christie Tipton

Catering: Justin Roberts

DJ: Prince Party Productions